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    One serious type of heart valve disease is called aortic stenosis or aortic valve stenosis This is the most common type of heart valve disease in the elderly 1The condition means your aortic valve cannot fully open and close like it should and over time this can become life threatening

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    Heart valve disease can cause chest pain that may happen only when you exert yourself You also may notice a fluttering racing or irregular heartbeat Some types of heart valve disease such as aortic or mitral valve stenosis can cause dizziness or fainting

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    Heart valve disease working together to create a better patient journey takes a European perspective on what an optimal care pathway should look like for people with heart valve disease from awareness to follow up care what gaps exist and how we can best address them The report was developed under the guidance of a multidisciplinary advisory group whose members included patient

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    Coronary Artery Disease Heart Valve Disorders Coronary heart disease CHD is a name for several maladies of the heart Some medical professionals believe it s another name for heart attack or angina A heart attack happens when the blood supply to the heart muscle is stopped or badly constricted This happens when one of the arteries that

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    Other causes Other causes of valve disease include Deposits of calcium calcification in parts of the valve This is the most common cause of aortic stenosis in older people Dilated cardiomyopathy Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Some heart problems present from birth congenital

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    The Journal of Heart Valve DiseaseHome Bringing together all of those focused on the treatment of heart valve disease from all disciplines and all corners of the world

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    The most common type of heart valve disease One serious type of heart valve disease is called aortic stenosis or aortic valve stenosis This is the most common type of heart valve disease in the elderly 4 The condition means your aortic valve cannot fully open and close like it should and over time this can become life threatening The sooner you talk to your doctor the sooner you can

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    Heart valve disease is a particular challenge for women of childbearing age since in severe cases it may increase the risk of pregnancy for mother and baby Causes of heart valve disease Normal aging process Congenital born with heart valve defects Damage from a heart attack

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    Rheumatic heart disease most commonly affects the mitral valve which has only two leaflets Figure 2 or the aortic valve but any valve can be affected and more than one can be involved Bicuspid aortic valve having only two leaflets rather than

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    cardiomyopathya disease of the heart muscle damage to the heart muscle from a heart attack getting older a previous infection with endocarditis What are the symptoms of heart valve disease You may not experience any symptoms but some of the common symptoms are being out of breath swelling of the ankles and feet being unusually tired How is heart valve disease diagnosed

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    Heart valve disease is a mechanical problem in the opening or closing of the leaflets and surgery may eventually be necessary to repair or replace the valve Heart valve repair allows the surgeon to fix your faulty valve often without the use of artificial parts The advantages of valve

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    What is heart valve disease Heart valve disorders can arise from 2 main types of problems Regurgitation or leakage of the valve When the valve s do not close completely it causes blood to flow backward through the valve This reduces forward blood flow and can lead to volume overload in the heart Stenosis or narrowing of the valve

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    Heart valve disease is often characterized by a prolonged asymptomatic period that lasts for years and presents primary care physicians with an opportunity to detect disease before irreversible heart failure or other cardiac complications develop Acute valvular disease can masquerade as respiratory

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    Learn about types of heart valve disease including aortic mitral and pulmonary valve disease and treatment options for heart valve disease

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    Heart valve disease is an increasing health care burden with an overall incidence of ∼2 5 in the USA and an incidence of over 10 in individuals older than 65 years of age in the USA and Europe Nkomo et al 2006 Virani et al 2020 Alfieri and Vahanian 2017 Thus understanding valve development has important implications for

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    Heart valve disease is a heart condition that develops when one of the four heart valves does not work properly Heart valve disease can be present at birth or develop as you age or from other factors later in life People who have congenital heart defects a history of heart disease or a history of infections endocarditis are more likely to

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    Valve disease causes the heart muscle to work harder to circulate the right amount of blood through the body Symptoms and Causes What causes valve disease A person can be born with valve disease or develop a problem later in life acquired Sometimes the cause of valve disease may be unknown

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    Download our symptom tracker PDF also available in Spanish PDF and make an appointment with yourself every six months to review and repeat the exercise You never know when being attentive may save a life Play without Auto Play Play Video Text Heart Valve Ambassador Ray Rivera s journey with heart valve disease

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    Heart valve disease is when damage to the heart s valve/s impairs the heart s function Find out more about the different types of heart valve disease now interested in heart health living with a heart condition caring for someone working in health looking to support or donate interested in the Heart

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    Heart valve disease can be present as the result of a birth defect congenital or may be acquired Causes of acquired heart valve disease include coronary artery disease heart attack cardiomyopathy heart muscle disease syphilis high blood pressure aortic aneurysms and certain connective tissue diseases

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    Rheumatic heart valve disease RHVD is a post infectious sequel of acute rheumatic fever resulting from an abnormal immune response to a streptococcal pharyngitis that triggers valvular damage RHVD is the leading cause of cardiovascular death in children and young adults mainly in women from low and middle income countries

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    One serious type of heart valve disease is called aortic stenosis or aortic valve stenosis This is the most common type of heart valve disease in the elderly 1 The condition means your aortic valve cannot fully open and close like it should and over time this can become life threatening

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    Exercising can help reduce the symptoms of heart valve disease and improve recovery from valve procedures Cardiologists and physical therapists share the best ways to strengthen your heart

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    Heart murmur a swishing sound as blood flows through the valve that a doctor can hear with a stethoscope It s important to know the symptoms of heart valve disease and to be tested and treated by your doctor if necessary If heart valve disease is not treated it can lead to heart failure stroke or sudden cardiac death

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    You may develop heart valve disease if your heart s valves don t work as well as they should There are generally two reasons why this happens Stenosisyour valves become stiff or the leaflets fuse meaning there isn t as much space for blood to flow through and your heart needs to work harder

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    If you have heart valve disease here are some steps that may help you cope Take medications as prescribed Take your medications as directed by your doctor Get support Having support from your family and friends can help you cope with your condition Ask your doctor about support groups that may be helpful Stay active

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    Valve problems can be present at birth or caused by infections heart attacks or heart disease or damage The main sign of heart valve disease is an unusual heartbeat sound called a heart murmur Your doctor can hear a heart murmur with a stethoscope But many people have heart murmurs without having a problem

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    Heart valve or valvular heart disease is characterized by the defect or damage happening on any one of the four heart valves which are respectively mitral aortic tricuspid or pulmonary Here the mitral and aortic valves are the ones which are most frequently affected by the valvular heart disease

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    In heart valve disease one or more of the valves in your heart doesn t work properly Your heart has four valves that keep blood flowing in the correct direction In some cases one or more of the valves don t open or close properly This can cause the blood flow through your heart to your body to be disrupted Your heart valve disease treatment depends on the heart valve affected and the type and seSymptoms

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    Valvar heart disease is a paradigm of the changing aetiology of human disease In particular we have witnessed dramatic changes in the incidence of rheumatic heart disease fig 1 such changes have been limited mostly to industrialised countries highlighting the role of factors other than microorganisms in this disease Interestingly the frequency of valvar heart disease is still high in

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    Scope The specialty section Heart Valve Disease aims to 1 stimulate research to explore new disease mechanisms and discover therapeutic targets 2 propose and establish new paradigms in valve research 3 speed up the translation of scientific discoveries into the clinic and 4 facilitate cross disciplinary global collaborations between basic scientists and clinicians and academia and

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    Aortic valve stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve of the heart The causes of aortic stenosis are wear and tear of the valve in the elderly congenital or scarring or scarring of the aortic valve from rheumatic fever Symptoms

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    Heart attacks are the direct result of coronary artery disease CAD not heart valve disease Thankfully HVD is a much slower moving disease and not known for sudden heart failure

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    Heart valve disease refers to any of several conditions that prevent one or more of the valves in the heart from functioning adequately to assure proper circulation Left untreated heart valve disease can reduce the quality of life and become life threatening

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    Heart valve disease is the name given to any malfunction or abnormality of one or more of the heart s four valves affecting the blood flow through the heart The condition is usually caused by wear disease or damage of the heart valve s The heart has four chambers and is

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    2 days ago Heart valve disease occurs when the heart valves do not work the way they should How Do Heart Valves Work Your heart valves lie at the exit of each of your four heart chambers and maintain